Up till Volume SixEdit

Hinata Saotome (♀) is confessed to by En Shinohara, A hot

guy who is also very much her type, and they bacame A

couple. But he's... A hardcore cross-dresser!

They became second years, and the younger brother Taiyou

and Kojirou also enrolled into their school, so Uso-Lily's

members are in full force.♪

Though they also got mixed up in an incident where En had

amnesia, they continue to clear the promised events of

couples one by one.♥ For his birthday this year, Hinata was

his present... or she tried to be (in the end, those two still

have a ways to go). Naota asked En to act as his fake

girlfreind, and En helped Gotou-san (♀) when she said,

"teach me how to dress like a girl", so when you think

what on earth is going on, it becomes clear that

everyone was having love troubles.★ Everyone's feelings

are understood, and Kojima-senpai and Naota fall in love

with each other, as do Gotou-san and the class rep, so

there are even more members who are passionately in love.♥