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Shinohara Guys

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He is En's father.

Rin Edit

She is En's mother. She lives overseas but comes home for Christmas. Prior to her return, she did not know that En crossdresses.

An Edit

An is the oldest son of the Shinohara family. Acording to En When ever An sees a woman he immediately tries to seduce her. An is bisexual.

"As long as they are cute, I'm okay with both men and women"

Ken Edit

Ken is the second oldest son. Acording to Ten, Ken dotes on En when he's cross-dressing. Ken cooks his family's lunches and because of his interst in cooking he's cooking friends with Hinata's father. He has a sharp tongue.

Ken-like order of prefence: cross-dressed En > girls > male En

En Edit

En is the third oldest son and the male protagonist of Uso Lily. En likes girls so much that he can't even stand seeing his own male face in the mirror and therefore crossdresses.


The youngest son. Hinata thinks he is as cute as a girl even with out cross dressing. Ten likes boys, acording to him it could be said that he made a dramatic realization after his older brother, En, started cross dressing. He feels that his brother's hobby is really regretful. he is in agreement that En looks much better dressed like a guy. In chapter nine during the cristmas party he and Hinata tried to strip En. Hinata cross dressing is Ten's ideal man. Ten likes Taiyou, Hinata's younger brother.

Ran Edit

The youngest child and only daughter of Shinnosuke and Rin. Ran was born overseas. En is very attached to her, so much that he forgot his and Hinata's anniversary.