Taiyou Saotome
Taiyou Saotome1

English name

Taiyou Saotome


早乙女 太陽

First Appearance

Chapter 6.5


High School student




Haruki (father)

Misaki (mother)

Hinata (elder sister)

Taiyou Saotome is the younger brother of Hinata. He initially falls for a cross-dressed En (Hinata being aware of the situation). He subsequently faints when he finds out that En is male and Hinata's boyfriend [1].


  • Taiyou cares deeply for his sister, as shown when Hinata cries on her way home when she regrets not telling En when her birthday was.
  • When he wishes that girls grow on trees one random winter day, a girl appears. She is the one who Taiyou falls for but in the end gives her up.
  • It is discovered in chapter 67, page 8, that Taiyou's sex appeal increases when he crossdresses. (To the point where even girls are somewhat attracted to him)
  • In chapter 80, page 14, we discover that apparently, Taiyou is the woman in the Ten/Tai pairing. (which kind of makes you feel sorry for Taiyou)


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