Hinata's younger brother. When Taiyou first met En he asked him out thinking En was a girl. When hinata told Taiyou about her boyfriend cross dressing he said "You and your boyfriend cross dress. you're seriously a perverted couple". On the date when Taiyou is about to kiss En Hinata jumps out of the bush and told Taiyou En is her boyfriend causing Taiyou to faint.When he wakes up at En's house he tells him "if you do something to make her (Hinata) cry, then I won't forgive you" and then kisses En on the cheek.

Misaki Saotome (Hinata's mother)Edit

Hinata's mother is an easy-going person who looks a lot like Hinata and Taiyou. 

Haruki Saotome (Hinata's father)Edit

Hinata's father who is a soft-spoken crybaby of a father who is initially against En and Hinata's relationship due to En's crossdressing. 


Muff is the Saotome family's pet dog, received from Shirota Yuuri. Muff looks like a white furball and is named after earmuffs that Hinata's mother had once mistaken it for.