Ashiya Komachi

Komachi Ashiya is one of Hinata's best friends and is currently dating her childhood friend, Kojirou. She is the daughter of Ashiya Koyuki and Rentarou. 

Appearence  Edit

Komachi has long black hair usually tied in a single, high ponytail at school. When she goes out, she likes to wear long dresses. 


Komachi and Kojirou are childhood friends. She is the daughter of Rentarou and Koyuki.

Hinata Saotome and Komachi went to middle school together. 

Trivia Edit

  • Komachi's father is a famous manga author who drew the popular manga Sword Fighter Komachi.
  • The main character in Sword Fighter Komachi is based off Ashiya Komachi.
  • She is a good cook.