An Shinohara
An, slightly delirious from his cold.

English Name

An Shinohara





First Appearance

Chapter 6.5: Omake

Chapter 9 - name revealed


Shinnosuke (father)

Ken (third youngest brother)

En (second youngest brother)

Ten (youngest brother)

An Shinohara is the oldest brother of the four Shinohara siblings. 

According to En, whenever An sees a woman he immediately tries to seduce her. An is bisexual.

An, despite his playful personality, cares deeply for his siblings and his work. This is confirmed when An was sick and he tried to keep his siblings out to protect them, also planning to sneak out so that he could go to work, despite his condition. When An catches a cold, he becomes extremely lewd, more so than usual. He even goes so far as to kiss his brother when En tries to protect Hinata from An.

"As long as they are cute, I'm okay with both men and women"